Unitarian Universalism affirms the full spectrum of human experience in all its tender complexity, fragility and strength. Here we seek to celebrate our human strengths and be source of support when others are in need.

Members seeking to explore spiritual resources during times of life transition whether joyful or difficult, or “just to talk” about what’s on your mind or in your heart, are encouraged to set up an appointment with our Minister.

Those seeking short term practical support (ex. during illness – meals, rides, etc.) are encouraged to connect with our Caring Committee Chairs: Danielle Stagner and Sarah Skovlund

Writing your joy, sorrow or prayer request in our “Red Book” on Sunday’s morning (and signing it) allows this community, our Minister and Caring Committee to know who may welcome support – but a direct phone call or email is always best. Please reach out; we’re here to support you.

If you are experiencing an emergency of any kind, please call 911 immediately.