Finding Our Voices

Since March, students in UUFRC’s “Finding Your Spiritual Voice” class, led by Kate Hand and Mary MacKay, have been writing reflections that explore their lives through a spiritual lens. This service will feature several of those reflections, along with original music by Jen Gill. … read more.

The Power of We

Alex Stagner “Intro to GA and Ware Lecture”

Gretchen Woods (read by Marianna Tubman) “Renewing a Minister”

Debbie Mytels “How WE Were Inspired to Act on Climate Change”

Peter Hartzell “UU Universe”

Each June the UUA holds a General Assembly, where the UU ecosystem of ministers, lay leaders, employees, … read more.

The First Harvest

On this Sunday we celebrate the beginning of the harvest season. On the land, the grain crops ripen. If we are lucky enough to have a garden, the tomatoes are almost ready and the first apples are ready to pick. But this time of year … read more.