Light The Journey

“Being” by Elisabeth Rossi

“Compromise” by Liz Davis

“What I learned on My Summer Vacation” by Suzanne Griffin

“Life Nearing Seventy” by Beverly Morgan

Members of the ‘Finding Your Spiritual Voice’ class will be presenting personal reflections. Worship Coordinator: Joanne McMahon

Samhain: Final Harvest & Moving Into the Dark


Calling the Quarters

Lighting the Chalice

Call to Worship

Chant for the Seasons (verses 1 and 2)

Time for all Ages

Reflection “Samhain: the Final Harvest”

Musical Interlude: “In Sweet Fields of Autumn” (UUFRC Choir)

Grain Communion

Chant: “It’s the Blood of the Ancients”

Honoring Our Ancestors

Chant: “It’s the Blood of the Ancients”

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