Issues We Face

  • Systemic racism
  • Lack of knowledge of white privilege
  • White supremacy culture, even in our Unitarian Universalist congregations

Our Advocacy

We take direction from our community partners who are directly impacted by systemic racism and oppression. Our current focus is criminal justice reform, voting rights, and immigrant rights.

Education: Inner Work Needed for Awareness

To skillfully engage in effective racial justice work outside our walls, we also need to do inner work–individually and as a congregation.  We need to identify and dismantle our white supremacy culture.

Direct Services

  • Second Harvest: We volunteer for food distribution programs
  • Share the Plate: 10 times per year we give our Sunday collection to non-profits who share our values
  • Center for Common Ground/Reclaim our Vote: We write letters, postcards, phone and text bank to disenfranchised voters
  • Roosevelt Grade School and Upward Scholars:  We volunteer as tutors
  • Fools Mission: We accompany people as they interact with public and private agencies: in court, at the DMV, at their child’s school, in health care settings