Our Vision

A community of spiritual growth, compassion, and justice

Our Mission

We are a welcoming and inclusive community of individuals of all ages who seek spiritual meaning, empower personal growth, build connections with our neighbors, act for justice, and inspire others to join us.

Our Covenant

We support, challenge, and inspire one another. We assume best intentions, even when we disagree, and treat each other with compassion and respect. We give generously of our time and resources to sustain this vibrant Fellowship.   (Approved by the Fellowship on 20 May 2018)

See also our Covenant of Right Relations.   (Approved by the Fellowship on 17 March 2019)


A House For Our Dreams

We, all of us, build houses for our dreams…
The masonry and lumber, glass and tiles,
A solid form, wherein we see our hopes,
A shelter and protection for our growth.

This house shall be a dwelling place
For courage, for integrity, for love
Engendered, nourished by a family
That speaks of “we” and means all humankind.

These walls shall represent the privacy
And dignity of individuals,
The open doors, a welcome to all people,
All ages, and all generations.

The windows shall keep light of inquiry
Illumining from outside and within.
May all words spoken here be born of love
And energy rekindle in the hearts
Of those who dreamed this house–

– excerpt from a poem by Dori J. Somers, uua.org/worshipweb