It’s up to each of us to support our amazing community.

Just as we count on each of us to bring the unique talents and gifts that make this community such a lively and wonderful place, so do we count on everyone’s financial generosity.

UUFRC supports itself entirely through our pledges and donations. We don’t receive any outside funding, nor do we have an endowment.

Make an online donation using Paypal:

You can also make a contribution at any time by contacting, or you may donate during the Sunday service offering (mark “pledge” on the check memo line). Please feel free to contact our administrator with any questions.

It’s up to us to provide the financial support needed to maintain the standard of services we want. Our annual expenses total about $1,700 per adult member. Almost 80% of these funds are “pledged” or designated during the Annual Pledge Drive, held during the month of March, while the remainder is collected through fundraising events, Sunday service offerings, and rental income.

The Power and Privilege of Pledging (pdf)             Giving Guide (pdf)

Whether you are a member or a good friend, consider making a contribution to keep this wonderful place going and thriving. While we recognize that everyone’s resources differ, we hope you will make as generous a contribution as your circumstances permit.

Other Ways to Donate

You can also donate assets such as stocks (or other financial assets) and avoid paying the capital gains tax on that sale of those securities. For example, you might consider donating stock you have on hand (separate from those in a tax deferred saving plans). Depending on your situation, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars in capital gains taxes… and pass along some of that savings to the church in an increased pledge. Please contact our administrator if you are interested in donating stock/securities.

Doing Estate Planning Anytime Soon?

This is just a reminder that with a relatively small commitment, you can make a BIG impact on UUFRC’s future. It doesn’t have to be a large asset—you could designate a specific asset, a part of an asset, or some percentage to the Fellowship—once your intentions for other heirs are met. Simple bequests are easiest, but there are lots of possibilities. Learn about planned giving. (PDF) 

Easy Ways to Increase Financial Support of UUFRC

There are a few ways UUFRC members and friends can help increase donations to UUFRC and support our current and future wonderful activities at UUFRC.

  1. Sign up online for eScrip and input credit card numbers and your designated charity of choice “Unitarian Fellowship of Redwood City.” Purchases at eligible businesses automatically make a donation when you use those credit cards at their business.
  2. Find out if your employer makes matches for donations to nonprofit organizations. Some do, including to faith groups; It’s worth looking into and could provide some additional income for our congregation. We are signed up on Benevity which some companies use for these matches under “Unitarian Fellowship of Redwood City”.
  3. If you have an incoming-bearing investment, you can set up income to go to your charity of choice as a “donor directed fund.” Please see Jennifer Bahr-Davidson or Anna Dyer for questions.