Building/Maintenance Committee

Chair: John Cooney
Meetings: TBD
: Ensure all physical aspects of our facility are well maintained.


Chair: DeeDee Stovel
Description: Care for our gardens and landscape areas. Do you enjoy gardening? Come help us care for our new drought tolerant plantings and grass. We weed, trim, mow and sweep to keep our grounds looking lovely.

Twice Yearly Workdays (Spring and Fall)

Contact: John Cooney
Description: A great way to meet others as we scrub, dust, paint, weed, polish and tend to our Fellowship building.  We break bread together at noon and chocolate chip cookies are traditional for dessert!  Many hands make light work, and there is plenty of laughter all around.
Check the calendar for dates.

Aesthetics Committee

Chair: OPEN
Description: Handle interior decorations, furnishings and any other architectural or stylistic aspects of the building.