Letters to voters
Letters to Voters

Issues We Face

  • Voter suppression
  • Election protection
  • Money in politics
  • Gerrymandering

Our Advocacy – Local, State, and Federal Laws and Policies

  • Support federal HR1/S1 “For the People Act”
    • Addressing voter access, election integrity, election security, political spending, and ethics for the three branches of government
  • Support HR 4 “Voting Rights Advancement Act/John Lewis Voting Rights Act”
    • Establishing new criteria for determining which states and political subdivisions must obtain pre-clearance before changes to voting practices (Section 2 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act)
  • Support Constitutional Amendment for the Right to Vote (was HR Res 93)
    • Joint resolution granting every U.S. citizen of legal voting age the fundamental right to vote in any public election held in the jurisdiction in which the citizen resides.
  • Support Washington, D.C. Statehood
  • Support CA clean money campaign and clean money efforts
  • Support paper ballots, audit trails, election protection reforms
  • Support restoration of voting rights to people with prior felony convictions
  • Support automatic voter registration,  early voting, mail in ballots
  • Support non-partisan redistricting post-census

Education Helps Us Become Aware

Join us for our panel discussions, speakers, and movies, currently via Zoom.

Direct Services Set Us In Action

  • We form action groups to write postcards and letters, and make phone calls to voters and to our elected officials
  • We sponsor or participate in online rallies and events (virtual or in-person)
  • We support Center for Common Ground/Reclaim Our Vote Democracy Centers in Georgia and other states.
  • We participate in VoteForward letter-writing campaigns.

Partnerships Make Us Formidable

Local partnerships

  • SFPPP (SF Peninsula People Power)
    • Meets monthly at UUFRC
  • Center for Common Ground/Reclaim Our Vote
    • phonebanks, postcards, texts voters of color and supports civic engagement and Democracy Centers in voter suppression states

National partnerships

How To Get Involved

To get involved in any of the above issues, please contact socialaction@uufrc.org.