Unity & Diversity in the 21st Century

Mark Kiyimba is a Ugandan Unitarian Universalist minister and activist for LGBT rights in Uganda. He has been a vocal opponent of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill; in 2010, he organized a conference (held on February 14) called “Standing on the Side of Love: Reimagining Valentine’s Day”, … read more.

Age of Reason Graduation: A Rite of Passage

A distinguishing element of Unitarian Universalism as a “Faith Tradition” is that it affirms each person’s ability and responsibility to engage in a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. This multigenerational service includes an exploration and celebration of faith formation, and a … read more.

Sitting in the Fire: Lessons for Peacemakers

What role can the idea of peace play in the violence of our times?  We often imagine peace as some ideal end state—a future condition devoid of negativity, conflict or violence of any kind.  How does imagining peace in this idealized way serve us?  What might a more … read more.