Journey to Nowhere

This yellow brick road we’re on in life, surely it leads somewhere, right? The pursuit of happiness is enshrined as one of the supposed purposes of life in America. Is that why we are so unhappy?  Worship Associate:  Kate Hand

Creating Scripture from Life

This will be a look at how parables, as a source of spiritual teaching, come directly from their their historical context, and how we can create sacred texts and sacred stories from our current reality. Join me as we take our teachings out into the … read more.

Life’s Ultimate Sacredness

“God-talk” can be a hot button for some Unitarian Universalists, reminding them of painful childhood religious indoctrination. For other UU’s, having to tiptoe around the word “God,” so as not to disturb the humanists, can feel like a contradiction to the very idea of a … read more.

The First Harvest

We will explore and celebrate the ancient holiday of Lammas, which marks the beginning of the harvest season. In early agricultural societies, early August was the time to begin the threshing of grain, to harvest what the village had sown and store it for the … read more.