Who Are We Anyway?

Service led by Rev. Keith Kron, Department of Transitions, UUA.

What a T-Rex named Penelope, Pittsburgh, and a theologian can teach us about the future of religion and our commitment to equity and justice . Religion, including Unitarian Universalism is at a moment in time. … read more.


Why do we struggle with its impact? Maybe there is more to learn about how we as human beings make sense of the most important events in our lives. Worship Associate: Solveig Zarubin


What Does It Mean – and What Doesn’t It Mean? Do we really understand what this powerful concept is really about? Do we have other options for our responses? Worship Associate: Kathy Warne.

Coming Out

To Whom? Why? How? There are so many things about ourselves that we want to share, yet find difficult to voice. Worship Associate: Sarah Skovlund