In addition to child dedications, weddings and celebrations of life, Unitarian Universalism includes ceremonies to mark special milestones in life. These warm and thoughtful services recognize the participants, while affirming the care and commitment of the larger UUFRC faith family and a chance to reaffirm our bonds.

Kindergarten Rite of Passage

We have a brief ceremony at the beginning of the church year to welcome kindergartners to Sunday school.

Age of Reason Celebration

In this celebration, the 3rd and 4th graders read their personal credos they have written after exploring UU beliefs and UUFRC in the Age of Reason class. Walking under the rainbow arch, they receive a special certificate recognizing their knowledge and growth as young Unitarian Universalists.

Coming of Age Ceremony

UUFRC celebrates a special Coming of Age ceremony after our youth complete a special program of self-examination and exploration of values and ethics offered by the Unitarian Universalist Association. The most common ages for Coming of Age programs are 13-15.

These ceremonies can include the following elements:
• Youth reading statements of their personal values and beliefs
• A time for reflections from parents, youth advisors, mentors, ministers, or religious educators
• The presentation of small gifts to the youth, acknowledging their passage from childhood to middle adolescence.

Bridging Milestone

UUFRC, like many congregations that have high school-aged youth who are seniors, or 17-18 year-olds, offers a bridging ceremony to mark their transition to adulthood. These ceremonies can include the following elements to prepare them for bridging:
• Examination of the skills they have learned from our Religious Education program
• Gifts given in the ceremony to the bridging youth
• A time for reflections from the youth, their family, youth advisors, ministers, or religious educators

Ingathering Ceremony

Several times a year, we hold an Ingathering Ceremony during a Sunday service to introduce and celebrate our new members. It’s a very special occasion and includes candle lighting, a spoken covenant with the congregation, photos and a celebratory cake for everyone following the service.

Transgender Rite of Passage

This is a new UU ceremony that acknowledges a person’s transition into a deeper understanding of one’s own identity relative to gender. It has yet to be celebrated at UUFRC, but is available through the congregation’s connections to the Unitarian Universalist Association.


UUFRC has proudly ordained several UU ministers through a ceremony affirming the clear recognition that the person has fulfilled all the requirements for UU ministry and has demonstrated to the congregation’s satisfaction that they are truly and fully ready to practice the art of ministry in a UU congregation.