Speaker: Rev. Brian Ferguson

Open Our Hearts

Watch Live!  We make a living by what we earn, we make a life by what we give. Being generous of our time, energy, and money is a common emphasis of most religions. Generosity of Spirit is something that can be nurtured and grown. … read more.

The Church of One

Watch Live! Unitarian Universalism is rightly proud of our emphasis on our non-creedal approach to religion grounded in religious freedom. Like many positive aspects of life, religious freedom can have a shadow side emphasizing a radical individualistic approach. This can make religious community … read more.

What Next?

Watch Live! Certain dates in our lives mark a time of before and after. The date we started a new job, moved to an new part of the world, graduation days, wedding days, birth of first child and other anniversaries … read more.

The Breath of Life

Listen Live! Breath has a profound religious significance in many religious traditions as well as being fundamental to our basic living. In classical Greek thought breath has a similar meaning to spirit or soul. During this time of COVID19 pandemic … read more.