Speaker: Rev. Brian Ferguson

Transcendentalism and Radical Beauty

Join us in-person in the Sanctuary, or Watch Live! on Zoom. Transcendentalism was an intellectual movement that was hugely influential on Unitarianism and American Literature in the 19th Century.  Its influence is still profound on Unitarian Universalism to this day.  Transcendentalism emphasizes individual intuition … read more.

Music Communion

Come nurture your spirit and incubate your hope through music!  The choir will lead this service through singing of favorite hymns, and reflections on these songs – and special music! Worship Associate: Tracey Fecher

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The Future of Faith

00:00 REFLECTION: Barbie Laderman-Jones
08:05 SERMON: “The Future of Faith” – Rev. Brian Ferguson

Order of Service

Religion has had a profound impact both positively and negatively on human history. Today in the 21st century people’s relationship with religion is undertaking some profound changes. … read more.

Love, Lust, Sexuality, and Wisdom

Valentine’s Day is a peculiar holiday celebrating Romantic Love. Love is often glamorized into idealistic form by our media or demonized by religion as something impure and unstable such as lust. Life experience shows us that romantic love is brief and exciting but can either … read more.

Pray: We don’t do that around here

Across a variety of religions and cultures prayer is one of the most common spiritual practices.  Yet some Unitarian Universalists do not feel comfortable with prayer.  Who or what are we praying to?  What do we say and why are we saying  it?  For many people throughout the world … read more.

Intentions and Impact

00:00 REFLECTION: Tracey Fecher
04:22 SERMON: “The Journey from Intentions to Habits” – Rev. Brian Ferguson

Order of Service

As we continue exploring Living with Intention, we will consider the impact we have on others can be very different from what we intended. When … read more.

The Joy of Christmas

00:00 REFLECTION: Barbie Laderman-Jones
07:11 SERMON: “The Joy of Christmas” – Rev. Brian Ferguson

Order of Service

“Joy to the World” goes the Classic Christmas Hymn and much of our Christmas culture emphasize this as a time of Joy and Celebration. How much of … read more.