Speaker: Rev. Brian Ferguson

Renewal of Our Spirit

Order of Service Life for many of us seems to be increasingly complex, busy, and angst-inducing with so many current events tearing at the fabric of our spiritual and emotional wellness. This worship service will explore how our religious community can be a place to renew our Spirit. Worship Associate: Jeanne DeShazo

Our Flower Communion

Order of Service Our Intergenerational Flower Ceremony is a unique and much loved Unitarian Universalist ritual.   Today, we will celebrate the beauty of human diversity and the bridging of two of our youths into adulthood.   Worship Associate: Liz Davis

What is the Point of Diversity?

Order of Service Our Article II statement on Pluralism states, “We celebrate that we are all sacred beings, diverse in culture, experience, and theology.” This worship service considers whether celebrating is enough or does our faith requires something more of us? Worship Associate: Barbie Laderman-Jones

Is a True Multicultural Democracy Possible?

Order of Service Unitarian Universalism values diversity and democracy as demonstrated in our values of pluralism and justice. Yet there is a tension in the majority rule perspective of the democratic process with the pluralistic concern for all people including ethnic or racial minorities. This worship looks at the struggle of having a truly pluralistic … Continue reading Is a True Multicultural Democracy Possible?

The Pluralism of Family

Order of Service The term family is ubiquitous in our culture yet the term has recently been recognized as having a much broader meaning beyond the stereotypical nuclear family. This worship service explores some of the diversity and complexity of our modern idea of family.

Interdependence and the Blessings of Fellowship

Order of Service Followship is the practice of doing what other people suggest, rather than taking the lead. This can be a challenge for many Unitarian Universalists and also a great opportunity for learning. Today’s service will share some learnings about the gifts of following the leadership of others. Worship Associate: John Anning & Jeanne … Continue reading Interdependence and the Blessings of Fellowship

From Cherishing to Protecting

Order of Service Our dependence on our planet and its gifts to us seems obvious. Its dependence on us is becoming more apparent every day. This worship service will explore our covenant to protect and repair our planet. Worship Associate: Ed Vaughan

Easter: Seeds of Hope Are in Our Despair

Order of Service The Easter story of the resurrection is challenging and a powerful example of transformation. This worship service will consider how Unitarians Universalists can find hope in the spiritual idea of resurrection. Worship Associate: Barbie Laderman-Jones

The Gift of Curiosity

Perhaps one of the greatest potential sources of change for us is our curiosity. This worship service considers how curiosity can be a source of spiritual growth and cultural change. Worship Associate: Hanju Kim

Transformation and Resilience

Order of Service Resilience is the ability to survive or overcome difficulties. The ability to adapt and change is often an important part of building our resilience. This worship service explores the relationship between transformation and resilience. Worship Associate: Jeanne De Shazo

The Call of Justice for Us Today

Order of Service Looking at the injustice in our world today can feel overwhelming and raise doubts about what difference we can make.  This worship service will explore how we can be effective advocates for Justice at this time.

Justice, Equality and Equity

Order of Service This month’s worship theme is Justice and Equity. This Sunday’s service will explore the idea of equity, how it differs from equality, and why it is an important goal for our justice work.

Nurturing Our Community

Order of Service Today, we begin our week-long pledge campaign to financially support our religious community.  Our theme this year is Nurturing and we will explore how we simultaneously nurture and are nurtured by UUFRC.

The Courage to Love

Placing the Love of all humanity at the center of our religion requires trust and courage. This worship service will explore the courage needed to love our hurting world.

Dream Club

On Sunday, Jan 21st, we will donate our offering to the Sequoia High School Dream Club. The club’s mission is to help create limitless educational opportunities for undocumented students and our contribution goes directly to the club’s college scholarship fund. Our funds help Dream Club graduates continue their educations after high school. Dream Club members … Continue reading Dream Club