Speaker: Rev. Brian Ferguson

Identity and Belonging

Join us in-person in the Sanctuary, or Watch Live on Zoom. Within any group our sense of Belonging can vary between different members with our individual identities impacting our sense of belonging.  Many of our values arise from our personal identities … read more.

Whose Are We?

00:00 TIME FOR ALL AGES: Rev. Brian Ferguson
04:25 REFLECTION: Liz Davis
07:11 SERMON: “Whose Are We?” – Rev. Brian Ferguson


Quaker writer Douglas Steer asks “With whose life is your own all bound up, inextricably, in obvious or invisible ways?” As we begin … read more.

A Community of Renewal

00:00 TIME FOR ALL AGES: Rev. Brian Ferguson
02:57 REFLECTION: Chris DeCardy
11:05 SERMON: “A Community of Renewal” Rev. Brian Ferguson


As the new church year and school year gets underway, we will reflect on the purpose of a Religious Community particularly as a … read more.

Overcoming Our Limits

00:00 TIME FOR ALL AGES: Rev. Brian Ferguson
04:11 REFLECTION: Jeanne De Shazo
05:59 SERMON: “Overcoming Our Limitations” Rev. Brian Ferguson


Henry Ford said “ Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”  Many of us place limits on … read more.

Our Reproductive Justice Stories

00:00 TODAY’S WORSHIP TOPIC: Rev. Brian Ferguson
08:42 REFLECTION: Chris DeCardy
13:38 OUR REPRODUCTIVE STORIES: Chris DeCardy, Rev. Brian Ferguson & Jen Gill
37:42 REFLECTION: “What is Reproductive Justice” Rev. Brian Ferguson

Order of Service

Sistersong, the Women of Color Collective who originated the term Reproductive … read more.

Generosity and Greed

00:00 TIME FOR ALL AGES: Rev. Brian Ferguson
02:28 REFLECTION: Jeanne De Shazo
06:58 SERMON: “Generosity and Greed” Rev. Brian Ferguson

Order of Service

Our economic system has created great wealth in our country but many are concerned by the unequal distribution of that wealth. … read more.

Transcendentalism and Radical Beauty

00:00 REFLECTION: Hanju Kim
04:06 SERMON: “Transcendentalism and Radical Beauty” Rev. Brian Ferguson

Order of Service

Transcendentalism was an intellectual movement that was hugely influential on Unitarianism and American Literature in the 19th Century.  Its influence is still profound on Unitarian Universalism to this day.  Transcendentalism emphasizes individual … read more.

Music Communion

Come nurture your spirit and incubate your hope through music!  The choir will lead this service through singing of favorite hymns, and reflections on these songs – and special music! Worship Associate: Tracey Fecher

The Future of Faith

00:00 REFLECTION: Barbie Laderman-Jones
08:05 SERMON: “The Future of Faith” – Rev. Brian Ferguson

Order of Service

Religion has had a profound impact both positively and negatively on human history. Today in the 21st century people’s relationship with religion is undertaking some profound changes. … read more.

Love, Lust, Sexuality, and Wisdom

Valentine’s Day is a peculiar holiday celebrating Romantic Love. Love is often glamorized into idealistic form by our media or demonized by religion as something impure and unstable such as lust. Life experience shows us that romantic love is brief and exciting but can either … read more.