UUFRC Governance Model
At the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City, we work together as a team. Almost all of our positions are volunteer, filled with our members and friends. Our direction and goals come from many sources: our mission and vision statements, our bylaws and policies documents, planning by the Board of Trustees, and guidance from our professional minister and staff.

Positions Elected by Membership Vote

Members of our Board of Trustees and the Committee on Denominational Affairs are elected by our membership during the annual meeting in the spring. See Our Elected Leaders page for more information about these groups.

Committees and Positions Appointed by the Board

  • Finance Committee: (POC: Rob Versluis, Jennifer Bahr-Davidson, Jack Stovel, Brett Dyer, George Chitouras, Judith Watkins, Tom Hagler)
  • Board Treasurer: Graham Abra
  • Bookkeeper: Cyndi Williamson
  • Personnel Committee:  A Sub-Committee of the Board of Trustees. Address personnel contracts and other issues related to staff.  (Chair: Lisa Conrad)
  • Transition Team: An ad hoc committee formed to support the interim minister and the congregation during the transition to calling a new minister. Currently NA
  • Committee on Ministries: Advises the minister and board on how the different committees and ministries can best coordinate. (Erika Pretel, Jeanne De Shazao, John Cooney, Leslie Vallerga and Lori Longo)

If you are interested in volunteering in the above areas, please feel free to talk with any Board Member to learn more.

Our Committees

Please see the VOLUNTEER PAGE for committee descriptions, sponsored events or teams, current chairs, and how to contact someone or get involved. Committee charters are available in on the Governance page.