Yesterday in Boston

Yesterday in Boston, religious leaders and a trans activist showed up in a big way to push back on Jeff Sessions.

Mateo, the trans activist who unfurled a sign that read, “Not Erased,” was violently escorted out by officers.

He asked that we share his statement:

“During these trying times in our nation and throughout the globe, it is increasingly crucial that we differentiate the definitions of the terms ‘debate’ vs. ‘social justice.’ Social justice is defined as ‘justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.’ “Question 3 and the recent leaked memo that proposes the repeal of transgender Americans having the right to access public spaces free of discrimination and also erasing us entirely as a recognized group is a social justice issue, not a dinner time debate. Transgender people are not a hot topic, a heated debate and not a comments section on social media for opinions and devil’s advocacy. It is not an ‘ideology’ or ‘life style’ people can agree or disagree on. When people reduce us to some intellectual exercise as if we are abstract and not your fellow Americans who deserve equal rights, our humanity is being erased.

We need our allies more than ever and our community is currently traumatized and under distress.

We can’t do it alone.”

Hat tip 🎩 to the Unitarian Universalist Association for the original post.