Scheduling, coordinating, and carrying out the memorial service can be a difficult prospect, especially while also coping with grief over the loss of the departed loved one. Whether or not you are a member of our church, we will assist you in your planning process.  

Services to honor loved ones who have passed on are often very personal occasions. Our minister gives careful consideration to the thoughts, feelings and well-being of the family as well as the unique life of the deceased and can work with the family to come up with an appropriate ceremony to specially honor the memory of that individual.

Please contact our memorials coordinator, Malia Fineasi, at or (650) 365-6913. She can answer any questions you may have and help schedule your memorial or celebration of life service today.

The service might include the following elements:

  • Eulogy
  • Poems and other readings
  • Prayer or meditation
  • Time to remember the deceased with stories and memories
  • Hymn singing or other music
  • Time for personal reflection

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City can provide the comfort of a “traditional” church environment for those who need it without many of the strictures of other churches.  Families without a church affiliation or with mixed religious beliefs may choose to commemorate the lives of their loves one in our sanctuary. Learn more about Unitarian Universalist beliefs.