Woods Working: “Samhain: Into the Dark”

At this time of year, as the waning days seem to rush into dark, as Hallowe’en comes and goes, as daylight savings gives up its sway with our sense of time, we recognize that we are entering a fallow period in the northern hemisphere. When our days marched to agrarian time, we marked the final harvest of field, the bedding of the gardens, and the tradition of bringing the flocks down from the mountains to winter. Hampered by lack of light and increasing cold, our time was increasingly spent indoors, repairing our tools and caring for our resources so they might last until the awakening of spring. We were afraid of the cost of illness and the wearying of our energies.

         Of course, this also provided time with and for family and friends, telling stories, sharing insights, looking within to assess what we have accomplished and what may yet be done when the warmth returns and our energies can be spent profligately once more. In many spiritual traditions, we must have this time of reflection and renewal, this time of assessment and dreaming of what may yet be.

         So, I wish for each of you recognition that this time of year: “HallowThanksYuleChristChalicaKwanzNewmas,” a time of rest, a time of connection, a time of thanksgiving, and a time for dreaming within the dark that prepares us for the light to return. As the Tao tells us, only by going through the deepest dark, may we again find the greatest return of light.

May you rest. May you release. May you dream, May you open to the next call. May it be so.

         Bright Blessings,