Woods Working: “Possibilities into Probabilities”

On Saturday, September 22, seventeen leaders and leaders-to-be met in the sanctuary of the UU Fellowship of Redwood City to consider how you as congregants may better provide leadership for their areas of concern within the congregation and respond to change and resistance as part of this ministerial transition through the years from 2017 – 2020. Board Vice-President, Chris Stovall; Acting Office Administrator, Tanya Webster; and Interim Minister, Gretchen Woods; offered information, skills, and ways to navigate the systems of the fellowship to move forward into a positive experience of inevitable change.

You discussed ways to improve transparency and open communication with all of you, so there would be no surprises in your path toward a more fulfilling future. You also deepened your understanding of the different needs that bring about change. You learned methods of moving through change so that every person’s concerns are fully heard and addressed. In addition, other options for communication were offered. During the evaluation, we agreed that this workshop should be repeated so that more of you would have access to this information and these skills.

You learned that the information and skills provided applied to many parts of your lives beyond the congregation, and that you could improve your lives by becoming more practiced in these skills. you worked through an exercise that used the cluster concept of committee relationships to understand how that might make the work of the congregation more agile, direct, and effective.

You also learned a lot about how to navigate the web site and use it to do everything that is needed to arrange activities within and for the church. Tanya has created pages of clear instructions that make working with the new web site far more understandable.

All of this information can belong to those of you who could not attend, if you try out the trainings offered at the fellowship during this transition. You can ignore these opportunities, certainly, or . . . you can avail yourself of these opportunities to make a stronger, more spiritually satisfying, community life in the congregation probable.

I hope this excites you about the possibilities that you can help make probable as you move forward.

Bright Blessings,

Gretchen Woods,  AIM