Woods Working: Great Opportunities!

Sometimes great opportunities arise abruptly. We have a special opportunity to meet with Nancy Edmundson, UUFRC’s Transition Coach from the Pacific West Region of the Unitarian Universalist  Association on Sunday, February 3 from noon until 1:30 pm to learn about the process of selecting your next settled minister.

Coincidentally, the worship service that has been planned for that day since November is titled “The Church We Yearn For,” and discusses some of the core ideas that you as a congregation need to consider as you go through that search process. Timing couldn’t be better!

Yes, we even made certain that the program will be over before the kick-off for the Super Bowl at 3:30 pm! Everyone is invited to stay after that service, have a light lunch so you are refreshed when you take in the valuable information that Nancy Edmundson will be bringing to us. All are invited: members, friends, newcomers, long-timers who may have wandered away, and UUFRC youth. Child care will be provided.

Come one! Come all! and avail yourselves of this great opportunity to be more informed and better able to participate in one of the most momentous decisions this church will make as you approach your 60th Anniversary of formation.

Bright Blessings for your future,

Gretchen Woods, AIM