Woods Working: “Appreciation”

As the school year ends for summer, so do a lot of UU congregational activities. Though very few of us leave the halls of academia to work the fields of food stuff, this rhythm of agriculture is so deeply imbued in northern hemisphere human life that few of us question it. I suspect part of this rhythm is also the need to enjoy the riches of summer. I also imagine that the heat at the center of summer days contributes to the need to slow down. Whatever the cause, we take vacations, visit new places, and seek adventures abetted by the increase in sun and leisure time. Bless us all with rest and relaxation!

And as the rush of days slows down, we pause to appreciate not only the beauty of nature, but also the people who have blessed the work of the winter and spring. You and I have been blessed with fine staff members who consistently care for the adults and children of the UU Fellowship of Redwood City. Tell them of your true appreciation. Let them know specifically that you notice what they do. If you don’t notice what they do, try to stop and pay a little attention, so you can speak informed by your observations.

In like manner, you and I have been blessed by lay leaders who put time, talent, and treasure into this congregation. Thank you to the Board which has shown deep concern for the life and health of this religious community. I also want to add the Transition Team, who have worked with me, above and beyond, to help the transition move forward with success. I want to add the Fair Witnesses who spent hours listening deeply to what you told them through the process of Appreciative Inquiry to offer the Vision/Mission/Covenant you approved by 77% at the Annual General Meeting. And, of course, all of the committees that keep the operations of this lively congregation moving forward.

You bless yourselves and one another with your love – and I, for one, am grateful.

Blessings of summer to all,

Gretchen Woods, AIM