Woods Working: An Abundant Church Home

Winston Churchill has written, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” I have been making a living with you, but what is really important is that we are also co-creating the life of this congregation together through the coming two and a half years. Only we can determine what that life will be and how it will be supported.

Further, only you can review your Vision/Mission/Covenant. Only you can create a project that comprises all of you and reaches out to the larger community. Only you can create your Covenant of Right Relations. Only you can review your governing documents and determine how to organize yourselves better as you move into the future. Only you can create the team that will search for your next fully-settled minister. So much of this is up to you.

You hold the future of this spiritual community in your hands. And now is the time to take up the challenges of moving into a more rich and gratifying future for all of you – and for the members yet to come and join you.

I have learned that this congregation is vibrant, engaged, and full of hope and ideas. I hope together we can create an environment that recognizes that there is no end to the abundance we may generate, not only for the people of this congregation, but also for the community in which you are set. There is so much time, talent, and treasure among us. Still, it will take commitment from each and all of us to support this community with our time, talent, and treasure, giving until it feels good.

For a more abundant and loving church home,
Gretchen L. Woods, AIM