Woods Working: Allowing Awe

Now, on the week of Lughnassadh (the cross quarter in the Wheel of the Year between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox), though I am back from vacation, I am holding on to the awe and wonder of this amazing and fragile planet, as I experience it all around me. I offer a few words as a reminder to pause from the rush of days and pay attention to your Source: whatever refills you for the autumn work to come.

Allowing Awe by G. Woods

Caught once again

by surprise,

gasping with wonder

at the scent of Jasmine in the night,

at the sight of soaring eagles rising

from impossibly tall trees,

at the sound of glaciers calving,

echoing against walls of fjords

at the caress of gentle rain,

while aware of drought,

at the textures of huskie fur

and redwood bark.

How is it possible to ignore the riches poured out for us

by our Mother Earth?

How we allow ourselves to ignore endless

thoughtless acts against the ongoing health of our planet

and ourselves?

Let bathe in beauty and wonder

and commit to return to wildness and wilderness

to collect the joy necessary to act for life and love.

Bright Blessings of Lughnassadh,

Yours for the Interim,

Gretchen Woods, AIM