On the Books: Welcome to April

Welcome to April.  The UUFRC has many interesting happenings going on this month.  I am sharing with you here three of those.

Two Town Hall Meetings

The UUFRC will be holding two Town Hall meetings this month: The Sundays of April 15 and 22.  Please plan to attend one of them.  Each will start at 12:00 after services in the Sanctuary and include two major topics.

The first topic is a presentation of and discussion about a first-draft of a proposed new Vision, Mission, and Covenant.  At each of the two meetings this month, Polly Ragusa and Peter Hartzell will be elaborating on what a Vision, Mission, Covenant are supposed to be and presenting that first-draft for the Fellowship to discus and comment on.

These discussions are the next phase of our new Vision, Mission, and Covenant refresh process.  In February, we held many Cottage Meetings, in which about 120 people participated and during which we collected a tremendous volume of ideas, insights, and opinions.  In March, Fair Witnesses took all the input and crafted a first-draft of a Vision, Mission, and Covenant.  At the two Town Halls this month we will be presenting that first-draft and providing an opportunity for people to discuss and comment on it. At our Annual Meeting on May 20, we be voting to approve (or not) the proposed new Vision, Mission, and Covenant.

The second topic for the Town Hall meetings will be a preview and discussion of a preliminary UUFRC budget for our next fiscal year (2018/19).  If you are curious about how the UUFRC spends its money or what proposed financial changes are in store for next year, this is your opportunity.  If you want to comment on the budget or express recommendations on how to allocate our financial resources, this is your opportunity.

These Town Hall meetings are an effort by the UUFRC Board of Trustees to be as open, inclusive, and democratic as possible with our decision-making process.  I hope everyone will try to attend one of these two meetings and participate in our process.

Annual Pledge Drive

Our Annual Pledge Drive will be wrapping up in the first few days of April.  If you have not submitted your pledge, please do so as soon as possible.

The pledge drive provides about 80% of our annual operating revenue.  Essentially, it is what allows up to keep our doors open and pay the salaries of our Minister, Music Director, Director of Religious Education, and all the rest of our wonderful staff.

Whatever you value at the UUFRC — whether that be:  membership in a beloved community, personal friendships, Sunday services, spiritual growth, intellectual exploration, the music programs, the religious education programs, social action activities, interfaith community events, the MOCA after-service social time, or any of our other UUFRC activities — the Pledge Drive provides that required foundation on which all that we value at the UUFRC needs to operate.  Please pledge generously.

New Website

Please check out our refreshed website.  Thank you, Tanya Webster, Iain Cunningham, Josh Moore and others for your generous efforts.  The website looks great and has many new features that our old one did not have.

With hope for the future and appreciation of efforts given,

Robert Holden