UUFRC Program Council Minutes October 15, 2021

Attendees:  Alex, Martha, Sally, Rev. Brian.  Absent:  Lori and Rob

PC Cluster Groups

Operations (Alex):  Building, Committee of Ministries, Communications, CUUE

Congregational Life (Lori):  Caring, Connections, Pastoral Care Team

Justice and Outreach (Sally):  Roosevelt Tutoring, Social Action, Interfaith

Sunday Services (Martha):  MOCA, Music, Worship

Faith Formation (vacant):  Chalice Circles, The Learning Journey, Youth and Family

Governance (Rob):  Board of Trustees, Program Council, Finance, Personnel, 


Retreat minutes were approved.  September minutes will be reviewed at the November meeting.

New Council Topic Discussion

Brian brought up some topics for discussion/reflection:

  1.  Who needs to be at a meeting in order to make a decision?
  2. Brian’s board reports are 5 pages long.  Do they need to be that long?
  3. What does the Board need in order to make a decision?
  4. There needs to be a clearer demarcation between the role of the Board and of the Program Council.
  5. Reviewing the financials has been monthly and does not need to be that often.  Henceforth it will be quarterly.

Chair update

Faith formation cluster update:  Alex spoke with David Stoutamire and he cannot take this on.

COVID Update:  over 90% of San Mateo County is vaccinated and the number of cases is going down.

Wayside Pulpit:  the Social Action Committee has put up a Mark Twain quote.

Facility Calendar accuracy:  it is important that the committee chairs fill out facility forms.

Cluster Group Updates

Rob convened the Governance cluster but was unable to be at this meeting.

Alex convened Operations:

Janelle reports there are 5 teams for the Garden team.  More coordination is 

needed for future work days.

CUUE is letting people know about its activities.

Faith Formation:  We are still seeking a replacement.  Alex will check with Julia Mogilov.

Wayside Pulpit future responsibilities:

December/January:  Martha will add this to the Connections Committee agenda

February/March:  Liz Davis/Chris DeCardy

April/May:  YAF

Former Wayside Pulpits are now in one box (rather than 4).  There is space for them

Upstairs in the newly reorganized choir loft storage area


Storage – The Boysen Room is filled with Open Gate items.  The are supposed to only have ½ of this room for their office.  Tovis will talk with Open Gate about this issue.  Lori may be consulted in this process.

Building Reservations Calendar and Bookings –with Jan’s departure, Crystal will handle showing spaces and keys process through October.  Martha suggested Jessica Stoutamire may be willing to help until we have a replacement for Jan. On November 1 outside rentals begin being accepted again.  We may offer only rooms and not AV help until we hire Jan’s replacement.  Alex will check with Greg to see if anyone is willing to help with AV. 

Action items

Alex will help make clearer the role of the Board vs the role of the Program Council

Alex to will check with Julia Mogilev to see if she would like to be the liaison for the Faith Formation cluster

Tovis will talk with Open Gate regarding storage in the Boysen Room

Alex will check with Greg to see if anyone is willing to help with AV once rentals begin again in November

Alex will check with Jessica Stoutamire to see if she would be willing to help with showing spaces and giving keys for rentals until Jan’s replacement is in place

Next meetingNovember 2 at 7 p.m. in person at UUFRC