UUFRC Program Council Minutes  April 5, 2022  7:00 – 8:30 p.m.  Zoom

Attendees:  Alex, Martha, Rob, Brian and Sally  absent:  Lori

PC Cluster Groups

Operations (Alex):  Building, Committee on Ministries, Communications, CUUE

Congregational Life (Lori):  Caring, Connections, Pastoral Care Team

Justice and Outreach (Sally):  Social Action, Roosevelt Tutoring, Interfaith, 

Food Distribution

Sunday Services (Martha):  MOCA, Music, Worship

Faith Formation (Alex, interim):  Chalice Circles, The Learning Journey,

  Youth and Family, Zine

Governance (Rob):  Board of Trustees, Program Council, Finance, Personnel


March Minutes were approved

Chair Update

Covid Task Force:  They met April 4th.  We will not be having a formal vaccine check in like the past but rather having a sign asking if you are free of symptoms and follow the honor system.  We can now use other rooms (Back Lounge and two classrooms) as long as we sanitize after use.  Tovis cleared this with Open Gate.

Rentals:  The areas which can be rented are the Sanctuary, the Front Lounge and the Social Hall.  We need to update the pricing and submit it to the Board.  Rob suggested we check pricing from other places.  

Youth and Family Task Force (YAF):  The YAF Task Force has been replaced by the Implementation Team which will create a plan for 6 months of the kinds of activities envisioned by the YAF Task Force.  Maeve Knoth and Gwendolyn Holden are the co-chairs of the Implementation Team. We will hire 2 – 3 paid facilitators for the Youth Programs who will work all the Sundays each month including the Reflection services as well as the shorter Action services which will feature activity choices for all ages and include our virtual community too.  The Program Council and the Implementation Team will work out which rooms will be used for these various activities.

Congregational Life:  There will be two more All Ages Activities – A train ride and Fundraiser for Cancer in Niles Canyon on April 24th and a hike in SF on May 14th.

Action Items Review

AV Grid:  Greg added the zoom manager to the AV Grid.

Worship Committee Liaison to the Program Council: Brian will check on this at their next meeting,  Martha has checked with the other two members of the Sunday Services cluster (MOCA and the Choir) and has not been able to recruit a new liaison from either group.

Leadership Training:  Brian and Alex will discuss this on April 11th.

Chair of the Building Committee: The chair is Rob Fawcett.


Annual Report Process:  Alex sent an email to committee chairs about the new simpler format for the Annual Report.  He developed the form and sent it to Gigi to tweak.  We then need to send it out to our clusters.  It will include reflections on the past year and three aspirations for the coming year.  

PC Auction Item Update;

Alex, Martha and Sally did a trial run of our May 21st Auction hike and meal at Huddart Park.  

The hike was lovely and took about 45 minutes.  We were originally planning on a lunch but Susan Kibre’s Memorial Service is that day at church at 2.  Beth Eggers is coordinating details on the service and is also one of the purchasers of our item. We need to clarify details of the service and then plan the time of our event as well as confirm it with the participants in early May.


One of the goals of our fellowship is to be an anti-racism organization.Brian will send us the article on White Supremacy Culture (by Tema Okun).  Conversations on this subject may be part of some of our Action Sundays in the coming year.


At the annual meeting we need to thank all the committees.

At our May meeting we need to discuss the leadership and roles of our committee members for the coming year.  

At our summer retreat we need to make a new committee directory.

We will also want to discuss our committee aspirations for the coming year.

The strategic plan that has been developed will help guide the direction of the Board, the Program Council and the staff.

Next meeting

Tuesday, May 3   7 p.m. via zoom