UUFRC Building to remain closed until at least May 3, 2020

April 1, 2020

Dear Beloved UUFRC Community,

This is an update from our last message about closure of our building during this time of shelter in place orders. In spite of this being April 1 (the day set aside to remind us of what we are the other 364 according to Mark Twain) we all know this is not a joke.

The UUFRC Board met last night to consider further how our fellowship can best respond to the threat of the spread of the virus. Our primary intentions are to continue to keep our community and others safe and to make sure that we support one another during this uncertain and challenging time. To that end, we made some further policy decisions that will affect all of us for at least the next month. Following CDC and state requirements to cancel gatherings, all uses of our UUFRC building by anyone are not permitted until May 3rd. Virtual Sunday Services will still be available, but we will shift to individuals and not done in the church. Gretchen will remain available virtually and by phone for counseling. We will reassess this policy at the end of that time. If the requirements change before May 3rd, we will reevaluate this decision. The Board appreciates everyone’s cooperation in order to preserve public safety.

We continue to encourage everyone to find ways to connect and continue with virtual gatherings. We hope this time of social distancing does not become one of social isolation and that we can all find creative ways to continue to experience fellowship as well as to care for our most vulnerable members.

We continue to need volunteers to help the Connections Committee and the Caring Committee to assist people affected in order to maintain the physical and spiritual health of the congregation. This might be getting or delivering food or supplies or calling to check in with someone. Danielle Stagner, Co-Chair of the Caring Committee, has agreed to be a contact person for those wishing to help.

We do not take these decisions lightly and hope you will understand we are coming from a place of concern and love for our community in order to best protect our members through this uncertain time.


the UUFRC Board, Steve Hill, President;
Suzanne Griffin, Beth Harrison, David Stoutamire, Chris Stovall, David Vallerga, Stephen Webster; and the Rev. Dr. Gretchen Woods, AIM