UU the Vote

Send Vote-By-Mail Postcards to Voters in Texas

Reclaim Our Vote is sending postcards to Hispanic voters in Texas who are over age 65 to let them know how to apply to Vote By Mail for the July 14 primary.  This allows them to vote from the safety of their homes. They have the option of requesting to Vote By Mail for the November election at the same time.   The postcards are bilingual, written in both English and Spanish.

Texas is a voter suppression state, and they do not make it easy to vote.  Only voters 65 and older can vote by mail without an excuse. To vote by mail, younger voters must have an excuse – a disability, be out of the county, or be incarcerated. There are two lawsuits challenging these restrictions and demanding that younger voters can use lack of immunity to COVID 19 as a disability excuse.  At this moment a federal judge recently ruled that during the pandemic all Texas voters are eligible to vote by mail. However, his ruling may be appealed, and might not be upheld, so we are only sending postcards to older voters.

Let Nancy Goodban (nancy.goodban@gmail.com) know if you want to write some bilingual postcards!

Expand Democracy from Home

Bruce Knoth is coordinating the essential work of sending letters to under-represented voters. These letters encourage citizens to vote and test-runs in prior elections have demonstrated their effectiveness. This non-partisan work supports the “Big Send!”, a nationwide effort to send 10 million personalized, voter-turnout letters and dovetails with UU The Vote.

The work is simple. For each letter, you write a sentence about why you vote and address and seal the envelope. Bruce will provide the letters and envelopes and you provide postage (let him know if you need assistance with that cost). You’ll store the letters until October and then mail them on a specific date.  It takes about an hour to complete twenty. Here’s a great graphic that details the process.

Several UUFRC members have signed on already. Will you join us to write letters? How many will you commit to? They come in lots of 100. Contact Bruce Knoth. knoth@pacbell.net.