Time is Precious, Our Work is Important

I was going to start out this writing by saying “Now is an important time in our Fellowship”, but on further reflection ~  All time is important in our Fellowship. Just as with life in general, all time is precious.We were beautifully reminded of this during our 2/24 service entitled “What Will You Do with Your One Wild and Precious Life?” and again during our March 3rdservice on Suicide. 

Spending time at UUFRC helps shape each of us in our growing, and in turn, all of us here also help shape who and what the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City is. This year we celebrate our 60thAnniversary! How amazing and wonderful is that??

One of our projects this year has been writing our “Covenant of Right Relations”, an agreement, a promise, about how we will treat each other, our minister and staff, our board members, and the larger community. Our Covenant works in hand with our Seven Principles, in that both identify our values and how we want to be in the world with each other. I believe our Seven Principles and our Covenant of Right Relations are guides toward becoming the best selves that we can each be. Because I need reminders, I’ll be posting both of them in my office, to make sure I see them almost every single day.

We will also soon be voting on our Search Committee members. These are the people who will represent this congregation in working to find our next Settled Minister. Your input and their work will help shape this congregation for years to come.

Every day is important, and all of this work is important. Please participate. We are who we are because of each of you, and we can’t be our very best selves unless everyoneshows up to lend their voices, hearts and hands to work together. Come to the meetings. Listen. Take responsibility for educating yourselves about what is going on here at the Fellowship. Speak up and tell your truth.  Above all, do all of this with kindness and respect.

If you are a member, please be here for our special congregational meeting after the service on March 17th, where we will vote to pass or reject our Covenant of Right Relations, and vote on a slate of Search Committee candidates. 

Time is precious, this place is precious, and the work of this congregation is important. None of us know what others carry in their hearts. Each action we take may have consequences we could not have expected. In these rain washed days, give the gift of your smile, of a kind word, of lending your hand to the work that needs to be done. This is a way of planting seeds. What goodness can we grow?

With Gratitude,

Cindy Johnson

Your Connections Coordinator