Summertime and Slowing Down

As we greet the month of June, we’re ready to celebrate summer, with its long, light filled days, and hopefully some time to relax and vacation, or even stay-cation.

If you’re new to our Fellowship it’s good for you to know that June also brings the official end of our church year. From September through June we’re in high gear, with classes for children and adults, committees meeting, the choir singing, and so many events and activities that by the time the end of June rolls around, many of us are ready to relax and take a break.

Over the summer, our minister, Rev. Gretchen, will also take a break, preaching only once in July and once in August. We’ll have guest speakers, ministers, and lay leaders to cover the rest of the summer and I always look forward to the different energies and views that they bring. Summer music is created by the musically and vocally talented congregants we are fortunate to have. If you’re interested in performing, let me know and I’ll connect you with summer music organizer Bev Morgan.

Two special events will be happening to close out our year. The first is our Flower Communion service on Sunday, June 10th. This beloved ritual was created by a Czech Unitarian minister, Norbert Capek, in 1923, brought to the United States by his wife in 1940, and is now practiced throughout our denomination before the close of each church year.

We each bring a flower (there are extras for those who come without them) to place in vases at the front of the church. The flowers symbolize the uniqueness of each of us, and our free will in joining with others. At the close of the service, we all choose a different flower to take home with us. We are each different, but every one of us has a contribution to make, and together we create a whole that would be different with the absence of even one of these flowers. I hope you will consider coming to experience this moving service.

The second special event is an All Fellowship Picnic at the end of the Flower Communion on June 10th. We’ll gather just down the block at Stafford Park to celebrate all that we’ve accomplished this year, and have time to relax, enjoy good food and each other’s company. Sandwiches will be provided, and we ask that you bring salads, sides, or desserts to share if possible.

May your wishes and summer dreams come true. Please plan to join us for Sunday services whenever you can!

Your Connections Coordinator,