Summary of the UUFRC Board Meeting, September 26, 2017

from our Corresponding Secretary Marina Rose

  • In order to avoid calendar conflicts with the auction and pledge drive the rummage sale will be moved to the spring, May 11th and 12th 2018.
  • Tentatively set the Annual Meeting for May 20th.
  • Discussed the Sanctuary Congregation banner, brought to us by Nancy Goodban. Then we started a discussion about the exterior of the building. Worked on planning a meeting to discuss, possibly on December 10th. Will involve Sally Mentzer and others from the aesthetics committee, together with George Goslee and possibly John Cooney.
  • Discussed and selected Silent Auction donation by the Board.
  • We agreed to support Beth Harrison’s request to include “Muslim” on the interfaith page on our website.
  • Discussed Tanya Webster’s offer to move our website into the UUA template. The Board supports the idea, understanding there will be no increased costs.
  • Steve will look into the purchase of an AED (automated external defibrillator), along with a Fellowship sponsored CPR class that will be open to the congregation and local neighbors.
  • Authorized the Building Committee to replace the current dishwasher with a similar low temperature model. The maximum cost will be $6000 installed. IF a water heat booster is needed we will deal with it later.
  • We accepted the modified collection counting process as submitted by the Finance Committee that requires a 3rd person to verify the collection if the two greeters are related.
  • Rev. Gretchen reviewed the tasks of the Interim Ministry, the process to develop a Covenant of Right Relationship and introduced an approach for selecting a Search Committee that is “Front End Loaded on the Democratic Process.”
  • Our sincere thanks to Michael Green for 15+ years of childcare.
  • Next Board meeting is Tuesday October 24th 6pm – 9pm, to include discussion of our process, and review the BOT goals for the year.

The UUFRC Board of Trustees Meeting minutes are also posted on the small bulletin board directly outside the Office Annex. The next meeting of the BoT will be Tuesday November 28 at 7 p.m. in the Back Lounge.