Summary of UUFRC Board Minutes July 2018

Summary of the UUFRC Board Meeting Minutes, July 31, 2018


Chris Stovall, Bob Holden, Rev. Gretchen Woods, David Vallerga, Anna Dyer, and David Zarubin. Absent; Steve Hill and Beth Harrison. Also attending were Tanya Webster and Jen Davidson.

  1. Board Elections: Steve Hill is the new President, Chris Stovall is the new Vice President, Anna Dyer continues as Treasurer, David Vallerga continues as Recording Secretary, David Zarubin will be the Personnel Committee representative from the Board, Bob Holden will be Member at Large and Beth Harrison will be the new Corresponding Secretary.
  2. The Board discussed the proposed COM Charter and voted not to approve it for the time being.
  3. The Board accepted the Finance Committee Report.
  4. Tanya Webster presented the issue of the SI 100 Form. David Vallerga will sign it as Recording Secretary. There are many other forms that are obsolete which Tanya suggested become a board responsibility. More analysis and discussion will follow.
  5. The Board decided to discuss the issue of a Compliance Officer next month.
  6. David Vallerga and Tanya Webster presented the possibility of another church as a tenant. After discussion, the Board decided to not pursue this option. David and Tanya will follow up with investigating space donations and tax issues.
  7. David Zarubin asked that we continue to deal with the issue of Child Care Providers. Rev. Gretchen will look into this with the assistance of the committee looking for a solution and the Personnel Committee.
  8. The next Board meeting date will be August 28th and, subsequently, the last Tuesday of each month.