Summary of UUFRC Board Meeting Minutes September 25 and October 2, 2019

Summary of UUFRC Board Meeting Minutes September 25 and October 2, 2019

Attending one or both meetings:

Rev. Gretchen Woods, Chris Stovall, Steve Hill, David Vallerga, Bob Holden, Anna Dyer, Beth Harrison, David Zarubin. Also attending on 9/25 were Jen Bahr-Davidson, Derby Davidson, Jessica Roybal and Tanya Webster.

1. Steve Hill reported on repairs and costs for the plumbing leak ($400), the dishwasher installment and the lawn mower repair.

2. Jen Bahr-Davidson and Jessica Roybal reported on the Silent Auction budget. A budget for $4,575 was approved.

3. The Board discussed “The Legacy Challenge” related to a UUA Matching Grant of up to 10% of the gift for people who make wills or trusts leaving bequests to the Fellowship or the UUA. This topic may be added to the Semi-Annual meeting agenda in order to present it to the congregation.

4. The Board discussed stewardship and setting up a committee for this issue.

5. The Board approved the Committee Chairs for 2018-19.

6. The Board approved the Financial Review Exchange with UU Sunnyvale. Janette Rabin and Elaine Welch will perform the Sunnyvale audit.

7. The Board discussed setting up a Compliance Officer position. This topic will be revisited at the October meeting.

8. The Board discussed the formation of a search committee for UUFRC’s next called minister and passed a process recommended by Rev. Gretchen.

9. On October 2, the Board continued discussion of selecting a Nominating Committee for the UUFRC ministerial search and decided to involve the congregation in electing a committee.

10. The Board adopted a proposal for solving Board issues by email.

11. The Board set a “Meet the Board” date for Sunday, October 28 after the service.