Summary of UUFRC Board Meeting Minutes, August 28, 2018


Attending:  Rev. Gretchen Woods, Chris Stovall, Steve Hill, Beth Harrison, David Vallerga, David Zarubin, Bob Holden and Anna Dyer. Also attending were Jen Davidson, Derby Davidson and Ellie Kilpatrick.

  1. Jen Davidson led a training on UUFRC finances by explaining, line by line, UUFRC financial statements.
  2. The Board approved the minister’s salary for 2018-19.
  3. Ellie Kilpatrick attended the meeting to discuss her ordination with the Board. She inquired about what we need to know to move forward with our decision to present hosting her ordination to the Membership.
  4. Rev. Gretchen reviewed her second year plan for worship services and other interim activities including developing a Covenant of Right Relations, starting toward the end of this year, using the “appreciative inquiry” process.
  5. The Board approved a new printer, new blinds for the Social Hall, and a plumbing repair.
  6. The Board discussed and approved the Personnel Committee report and recommendations for an increase in the administrators’ salaries. The additional money will come from the Compensation Reserve.
  7. The Retreat is scheduled for November 9-11. The December Craft Fair has been cancelled.
  8. The next Board meeting date is September 25th, regularly the last Tuesday of each month.