Summary of the UUFRC Board Meeting, June 26, 2018


Bob Holden, Rev. Gretchen Woods, David Vallerga, Anna Dyer, David Zarubin, and Lisa Conrad. Absent: Steve Hill and Marina Rose. Also attending were newly elected Board members: Chris Stovall and Beth Harrison. We were joined by the Committee on Ministries members: DeeDee Stovel, John Cooney, Lori Longo, Leslie Vallerga and Bill Welch

  1. The Finance Committee Report indicates that there will be more carry over funds than were anticipated.
  2. The Committee on Ministry attended to give a report about the status of the Committee and its proposed charter. Leslie Vallerga gave a history of the Committee and DeeDee Stovel answered board members’ questions, indicating that the committee’s focus was still in development. The Board asked for some revisions to the proposed charter and the Committee will bring a revised version back for a vote in July.
  3. Tracy Morris was approved as Connections Chair.
  4. The Board briefly discussed the urgent need for a Child Care Provider and will follow up with further discussion at the July meeting.
  5. The Board expressed deep gratitude to Jorie Schultz for all her work as Chair of the Worship Committee.
  6. The Board also discussed progress in our interim ministry so far and filled out our annual interim ministry evaluation to submit to the UUA.