Summary of the Minutes of the UUFRC Board Meeting,  November 27, 2018


Rev. Gretchen Woods, Chris Stovall, Steve Hill, Beth Harrison, David Vallerga, Bob Holden, David Zarubin and Anna Dyer.  Also attending were Leslie Vallerga, Tanya Webster and Jennifer Bahr Davidson.


  1. Rev. Gretchen led us in a brief educational history of what it means to Ordain a minister, as compared to, for example, Installation as we did with Rev. Stefanie. Only a Congregation can ordain a minister, and it only happens once.  The Congregation “speaks for the laity” as compared to the Association.


  1. The Board discussed the DRE report, in particular the low number of children in the program and there was a general sense that this is an issue that we have to address. The Board proposed Derby help us understand what our options may be.  Steve will put Derby and his committee chair on the agenda for next month.


  1. Jennifer Bahr Davidson presented the Finance Committee report. The Board discussed finding a chair for the 2019 Rummage Sale and the overall value of this fundraiser.


  1. The Board discussed the work of the Stewardship Committee. Operationally nothing will change this year.  But the Stewardship Committee will start with education of the congregation about changes that will be taking place.


  1. The Board discussed the proposed charter for the Personnel Committee. Leslie Vallerga will revise and resubmit.


  1. Steve Hill will prepare a description of the Compliance Officer for next month.


  1. The Board reviewed the by-laws proof of concept:  For the Search Committee for the next Settled Minister, the selection process will be done by the Board and the Transitions Committee.  This will not require a change in the Bylaws, but rather it will be a Board approved procedure.  The Congregation will be presented a document that includes a reference to the “Best Process.”


  1. The Board discussed the Nominations Committee Charter. Bob Holden will revise and resubmit at the next meeting.


  1. David Vallerga and Tanya Webster presented an update on the status of rentals and rental documents. They have had two calls with the attorney we hired in Oakland. They concluded that this is an area in flux and that we would do the best we can to comply with Federal, State and local requirements. We do expect to be able to obtain rentals.


  1. Tanya Webster asked for up to $650 for replacement fabric, seatbacks and seats for our chairs. The fabric is being discontinued and this is an opportunity to stock up on repair and replacement parts.  The Board approved the purchase.


Next Meeting is set for January 8th.