Summary of the Minutes of the UUFRC Board Meeting, July 30, 2019

Board meetings are public; every member is invited to attend.

We started with a review of Financial Procedures led by Anna Dyer and Jennifer Bahr-Davidson, then approved the consent agenda;  reports and minutes.

Then we elected officers:  Steve Hill will be President, Chris Stovall will be Vice President.  Steve Webster will be Treasurer, David Vallerga will continue as Recording Secretary and Beth Harrison as Corresponding Secretary.  We also made representative and liaison appointments.

We determined that the Treasurer will be the supervisor of the Bookeeper and accepted the Finance Committee Report.  The Personnel Committee is working on selecting a new Welcoming Coordinator.  We also adopted the new Rental Policy that has been revised, with appreciation to Chris Stovall for the final edits.

The Program Council will meet on August 28th and then the Second Wednesday of each month; all are invited.  Chris reports there is a lot of energy in the Council.  We accepted a Search Committee update and established procedures for confidential handling of their budget.

The Board Representative to the Negotiating Team for the contract for the new minister will be Suzanne Griffen, with David Vallerga as a consultant.

We considered the need for a Facility Coordinator and will work with the Personnel Committee.  David Vallerga will research options on AED/CPR training and report back to the Board.

Our next meeting will be August 27th.