Summary of the Minutes of the UUFRC Board Meeting, January 29, 2019

Attending:  Chris Stovall, Steve Hill, Beth Harrison, Bob Holden, David Zarubin and Anna Dyer.  Also attending were Tanya Webster, Solveig Zarubin, Cindy Johnson, Jeanne DeShazo and Jennifer Bahr Davidson. 

1.  The Board briefly discussed Derby’s DRE Report in which he raised his concerns about the “announcement creep” during services that is decreasing time for RE classes.

2.  Finance Committee Report:  Jennifer Bahr Davidson reviewed the response to the internal financial review and issues for board approval.

3.  The Board approved the Nominating Committee and Stewardship Committee Charters. 

4.  The Finance Committee Charter will be revised and presented to the Board in February for approval.

5.  The Board began review of the Rental Policy and will continue the review at the February Board Meeting (6-7 pm).

6.  The Board discussed Chris Stovall’s Program Council Report.  There will be 2 more leadership trainings in March and April with plans for a roll-out of the new proposed structure by next fall.

7.  Early Budget Review: Jen highlighted budget changes over this year: special donations and space donations—both increased significantly.  So far no Rummage Sale is projected for 2019. Questions for next year’s budgeting include: how much to project for space donations/rentals?  How to project employer matching?  Finance Committee is projecting a 2.3% increase in pledges based on last year.

8. Steve asked about a possible change in the Board representative to the Personnel Committee.  David Zarubin will send an email to explain the role to Board members.

9: Covenant of Right Relations: Solveig reported that the Right Relations workshop on January 26 was very successful; Jeanne and Julia Mogilev are working on a draft of the covenant for the two Town Halls scheduled for February 24 and March 3. 

10: Pledge Drive: Bob wants to develop a mailing list of UUFRC affiliates, i.e. outside supporters and participants at UUFRC events, in order to send a friendly fundraising letter.