Summary Board Minutes: November 26, 2019

Minutes of the UUFRC Board Meeting, November 26, 2019

Attending:  Rev. Gretchen Woods, Steve Hill, Chris Stovall, David Vallerga, Stephen Webster, David Stoutamire, Suzanne Griffin and Beth Harrison.

Steve lit the Chalice and Gretchen presented an opening reading.  Check in followed.

Consent Agenda:  The Administrator’s Report, Minister’s report, Personnel Committee Report, Search Committee Report, Connections Report and the Minutes of the Previous Meeting were accepted.  Moved by Suzanne.  Seconded by Beth.    Unanimous.  We did not receive a DRE report again.  Steve will follow up with Derby.

Administrator’s Report Comments:  It takes too much time to produce a Weekly Bulletin for the Admins.  The Communications Committee will look into whether the process can be simplified.

Finance Committee Report:  Stephen Webster reviewed the report.  The Board is invited to attend the next meeting at 6:30 PM on December 16th to learn about the transition to the Realm Database.  We also discussed the need for a financial analyst as well as a bookkeeper.  Finance will be setting up a meeting with Personnel.  The report informed us that we need one other person to do an internal financial review, someone who is not on the Committee now.  Gretchen had the name of a new member who might be willing; the Committee will follow up.  They anticipate suggesting a revised investment strategy at next month’s Board meeting.  In January they expect that we will fully switch over to the Realm system.  Beth moved that we accept the report, Suzanne seconded.  Unanimous.

Program Council: Chris reported on the structural elements of the Program Council.  They are starting to make the decisions needed to function.  They talked about the Pledge Drive and are concerned that the planning should start now.  There needs to be a co-chair.  The Board must be involved too; following up with Bob Holden and making needed arrangements.  Gretchen and Steve will follow up.

We reviewed the hours the building is used and for what types of uses.  The results were a bit unexpected in that some of the preconceptions were not supported by the data.  As a result the Program Council can move on with their planning.

Rental Policy:  We discussed the rental policy matrix presented by Chris; moving from rentals to facility use fees (nominal) for some committee sponsored events.  Chris will try to work with the Social Action Committee and David V. in order to present a modified policy for a vote by the Board.

New Internet Service:  This was referred to the Communications Committee for a decision.

Renew AIW Rental:  We discussed the benefits, efforts and risks of this rental.  It does bring in significant revenue but needs a lot of supervision and work from the Fellowship, including having a Building Supervisor on duty for every day it meets during the Summer.  It also entails wear and tear on the building.  Last year there was far too much staff time devoted to supervision and repairs after they were done.  They need a response by December 13th.  We decided that, given the shortness of time and significant hurdles, we would pass on the offer this year.

Assignment Recap  Steve will follow up with Bob Holden and Derby. Chris will work on rental policy with Debbie Mytels , the Social Action Committee and David V.

Thank You Notes:  Solveig Zarubin, Erika and Eduardo Pretell and David Aman.  Suzanne will write a note to Beth Harrison and Peter Hartzell

The next Board meeting will be 12/17, 2019.

Respectfully submitted,

David Vallerga, Recording Secretary