Summary Board Minutes: September 24, 2019

Attending:  Rev. Gretchen Woods, Chris Stovall, David Vallerga, Steve Webster, David Stoutamire, Suzanne Griffin and Beth Harrison.  Steve Hill called in.  Cal Sloan, Derby Davidson and Jennifer Bahr-Davidson also attended.

Consent Agenda:  The Administrator’s Report, Minister’s report, Personnel Committee Report, Search Committee Report, Connections Report and the Minutes of the Previous Meeting with Chris Stovall’s proposed edits were accepted. 

Finance Committee Report:  Administrator, bookkeeper and assistant are over hours; some of these are based on onboarding and introduction of new systems.  The Personnel Committee will be reviewing and making recommendations.   Jeannie DeShazo is the project manager for the Realm Database and is working with Jennifer Bahr- Davidson.  Rob volunteered to help.  We are seeking other volunteers; the Finance Committee will solicit.

Program Council Update:  Chris informed us that they will review rental policy and building use priorities then do a calendar review to see what the needs are for the coming year.  The largest issues concern the needs of the Social Action Committee and the questions about outside groups.  Major issues still involve calendar conflicts.  The next meeting is Monday, September 30th.

Communications:  Chris reported that the formation of the committee is underway with 7 members and the possibility of a few more.  They are working on high level policies and learning the issues that they should address.  Marina Rose is a co-chair with Chris.

Annual Meeting Date:  We set the date for May 17th; the 3rd Sunday in May.

Facilities Schedule:  The Administrators handle the calendar.

Board Auction Item:  We discussed two possible items; Progressive Dinner, or Mexican Fiesta.

 Announcements:  We will have something simple to hand to people waiting to make announcements.

Outside Group Rentals:  The Board wants to be sure that outside groups do not support candidates or parties unless they pay full rental in order to protect our own non-profit status.

The next Board meeting will be October 29, 2019.

We adjourned at 9:15 PM