Summary Minutes for Board Meeting September 28, 2021

Attending: Chris Stovall, Dick Edminster, Polly Ragusa, Tovis Page, Peter Hartzell, Rob Davis, Rev. Brian Ferguson. Partial attendance: Polly Ragusa, Lillian Svec (on zoom). 

Started at 7:00 pm.  Brian provided opening words and we had a check in.  

Accept the consent agenda – Dick motioned; Peter seconded.  Passed by all present.

RE Path Forward: Lillian presented the Children youth and Family vision plan for the next several months.    Lillian and the RE task force hope to have a proposal for the board by March.   

Covid Task Force: Polly reported that the attendance on the covid task force is dwindling, as people are becoming exhausted with the subject matter.    The board discussed finding another facilitator for the task force to free up Polly to work on the Strategic task force.  However, the strategy for the task force will change to allow Polly to continue in a facilitator role. 

Finance Committee report: Dick reviewed the latest finance committee meeting report with the board.     A question of paying for “terrorism coverage” insurance was discussed, and the board did not think it was necessary but decided to let the finance committee decide as it is minimal cost. 

Program Council report:  Rob reported that the program council is managing the wayside pulpit.    

Strategic Task Force start: The board is eager to have the strategic task force meet and begin work. 

Building reserves: The new fence for in person RE classes outside the church required $550 from the building reserves fund.  Peter moved to accept this spending, Tovis seconded. Passed unanimously.  

Open gate and shared building use:  During the last cleanup day, many boxes of Open Gate’s items were moved from the UUFRC side of the attic to the OGNS side in such a manner that Teacher Kristi cannot access OGNS supplies.  The issues of shared spaces between UUFRC and OGNS needs to be discussed.  Tovis is leading that effort.

Installation of Brian:  Board to create a team for planning an installation celebration in April. 

Thank-you notes: 

Covid registration check-in: – Gwen Lennard, Martha B, Alex S – for checking people in during live services. 

Covid Task force facilitator: Polly Ragusa! 

Worship Committee – for all the work they did the past year to support on-line services (Chris DeCardy, Tracy Fletcher, John Kim, Cathy Warren, Solvie, Jenne D, and Liz Davis). 

Help during the water communion service: Tovis Page

Assignment Recap: 

Chris: brainstorm with Jen BD and Brian on installation

Rob: arrange time to talk with Brain about excess/inefficient administration tasks

Brian/Polly: Take covid task force items on MOCA, Music (singing) to appropriate/specific people interested in affected areas. 

Peter: take to board Crystal’s updated (remote) position.  Talk to Personnel about clarification of use of own vs supplied equipment for remote work.    

Polly: launch/schedule launch of strategic task force

Our next meeting will be Tuesday Oct 26th at 7:00 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Rob Davis, (acting) Recording Secretary