Summary Minutes for Board Meeting Jul 27, 2021

Summary Minutes of the UUFRC Board Meeting, July 27th 2021 

Attending:  Chris Stovall, Dick Edminster, Tovis Page, Rob Davis, Polly Ragusa, and
Jeanne De Shazo.  Jen Barr-Davidson for Finance and Retreat committees.

Approved: Board assignments and roles

President: Chris Stovall

VP: Rob Davis, Program Council

Treasurer: Dick Edminster

Recording Secretary: Jeanne De Shazo, Compliance, Document Organization

Corresponding Secretary:  Polly Ragusa

At-Large: Tovis Page,  Children, Youth and Family Task Force

At-Large: Peter Hartzell, Strategic Planning Task Force

Also Accepted and Approved by Consent:

  • Last BOT Meeting Minutes
  • Connections Committee Report
  • DRE Report  – NA for July
  • Finance Committee Report
  • Administrator’s Report 

Financial Reporting.  Jen Barr-Davidson led the Board through a review of the ways that UUFRC reports the current financial standing.

Monte Toyon Annual Retreat Contract.  Jen Barr-Davidson led the discussion of whether to re-contract with Monte Toyon for the UUFRC Retreat.  UUFRC still has $2100 on deposit from last year.  However some of the policies in place during the pandemic would require a whole re-structuring and limitation of our retreat together.  Pods in a cohort of 12 persons are to remain together and with no others during the retreat.  This would defeat our well-loved, multi-generational retreat.  The Board asked if there Retreat committee would consider other options.  Motion: Board does not support a Retreat under the pod requirements and thus will not reserve our place with a Retreat contract.  Approved.

Covid Task Force.  Polly Ragusa reported that the deep clean went well. Following the planned Sept 12 opening, return to an updated weekly cleaning schedule.  We are working this with OGNA.  Improvements to the ventilation is coming out of reserve budget.  There are still some big decisions:  can we do mocha, do we allow hugging, do we have greeters, wear masks.  Will there a choir?  So far we are prepared for masking and chair distancing.  

Program Council Update

Renter approval authority.  This seems to fit within the current policies to empower the Program Council to balance building use, including collaboration with the Covid Task Force. There may be a large event or impact to UUFRC that the Program Council may wish to consult the Board.  Action:  Rob will communicate this to Jan Johnson and Program Council (Alex).  

Rummage Sale.  Program Council recommends no rummage sale this year.  Program Council recommends that $5K budgeted for rummage sale be added to Silent Auction estimate required.  Program Council is also considering other community activity to replace.  Board acknowledges that this is a difficult decision.  Encourages Program Council to communicate to congregation.    Approved Motion: Do not have rummage sale and figure out managing financial impact another way.  

Sanctuary.  Progress being made on video setup.

OGNS Lease.  Tovis reported that we have a verbal agreement from OGNS.  Pre-pandemic rental fee reinstated.  One year Lease approved.  

Committees.  Dick identified a procedural issue with the lack of chairs of several committees.  Without this point of contact and responsibility, recognition of member’s contributions and other matters may be overlooked.  It was agreed to remind the Program Council of the need for designated chairs.

The Board is going to have a Board retreat in September.

The next meeting will be Tuesday Aug 29, at 7:00 pm at Peter Hartzell’s home.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne De Shazo, Recording Secretary