Summary Minutes for Board Meeting August 31, 2021

Attending:  Chris Stovall, Dick Edminster, Tovis Page, Rob Davis, Polly Ragusa (partial attendance), Peter Hartzell and Jeanne De Shazo.  

Consent Agenda  

  • Last BOT Meeting Minutes – 
  • Connections Committee Report  –  
  • Finance Committee Report  – 
  • Administrator’s Report – 
  • Minister’s Report – 
  • Personnel Report – 
  • Email Votes – Motion to approve Covid TF Five Safety Rules:
  1. In order to attend services in person, people must be fully vaccinated.
  2. People will be required to show proof of vaccination. . 
  3. People will be required to wear a mask.
  4. People will need to indicate that they have no symptoms associated with Covid.
  5.  People will be required to socially distance, unless from the same family/household.

Moved/seconded: Peter/Rob.  Approved unanimously

Covid Task Force.  Polly Ragusa updated the Board on the task force activities:  preparations for in-person services and social activities; keeping up-to-date with county tracking and guidelines; phase approach to in-person services for adults, then children.  No expectation of back to old normal.  We want to communicate that as clearly as possible.

Phase 2.  We are doing a phased approach to back to in person services.  At this point, no one is meeting in the building.

Children’s church involvement.  Rev. Brian led this discussion.  We are targeting social and emotional learning to help children process all that is going on.  Chose love curriculum from Sandy Hook.  Oct 3 is current start of RE for children.

Some suggestions:  like a craft/goodie bag for kids; offer family outdoor activities once a month.  beach trip, paddling in the bay, etc.  

Actions Brian

RE Task Force.  TF members need a plan, timeline.  Brian will follow-up with Lillian.  We will have an update in September.

Brian, Lillian and Tovis are meet about RE vision.

Polly left the meeting.

Update Tovis

Finance Committee Report.  Motion to formally adopt Finance Year End Statement that is an attachment to Fin Cmte report. Rob Motion to approve, Peter 2nd. Unanimous approval.

Finance Committee requests that 

  • we state the approved amount in the summary minutes.
  • we all ask for sales tax forgiven when we purchase for UUFRC. It is a discount, not a right.

Program Council Update.  

Leadership Development.  Need to have committee chairs. Also they are exploring how to reconnect members into having a role in the congregation.  This comes under membership integration.  Other than being a congregant what other roles do you have?

Personnel Committee. Peter: move  (Rob 2nd) that we approve Lisa Conrad another year as Personnel Committee chair. Approved by all present.

Strategic Task Force-start up date delayed due to urgent covid extra tasks and planning.  Targeting Sept, Oct or later. 

Board Retreat.  Sept 18, 9 am- 1 pm.  


Proposals and approvals in the future.  We are using a submission request form as a test of the form. We can add expected Impacts to the form.  Improve form as we collect use feedback.

Discussion Chris/Dick

Asthetics Committee – Couch Proposal. 

We need input from the Building Committee because the money is to come from Building reserve which has the itemized plan.  Requires BoT approval required because it is over $500.  

Motion:  Dick and Rob 2nd Approve building reserve funds ($4091.16) for the purchase of new seating sometime in the 2021-22 church year for both the front and back lounge.

Action:  Tabled discussion:  we approve an existing budgeted line item but over $500?  

Motion approved by all present.

Budget Accessibility – moved to next month’s agenda.

Committee on Ministry – What role does COM play?  Decision to retire this committee for now.  Brian will talk with COM about setting COM aside for now.

Minister Evaluation.  Board responsibility to ensure the evaluation happens. Peter will become part of the eval subcommittee and meet with Brian and Erika to plan annual evaluation. Peter,  Brian and Erika to meet to re-energize the minister evaluation.

TV on Balcony – deferred this to Program Council.
Next Board Meeting – Sept 28. 7-9pm, Peter Hartzell’s House .  Rob will take minutes.