Summary of Board of Trustees meeting 8-29-17

from the Corresponding Secretary Marina Rose

  • Our Connections Coordinator has contacted 43 people, friends and members who have not attended recently and invited them to meet our new minister. Several have responded favorably.
  • Staff have agreed to get committee reports out to the Board by email by noon of the Sunday before the Board meeting.
  • The Social Media & Outreach project is having good results with increasing visibility already. They are also developing ways to deepen our connection to our Community Partners (share the plate recipients and others) including inviting them to the Silent Auction.
  • A new forming chapter of Navigators (alternative scouts) is seeking sponsorship and free use of the space. They don’t yet have insurance. Marina will follow up.
  • We voted to approve the sum of up to $450.00 from the Minister’s Reserve for sandwiches and cake for the Picnic on September 3rd.
  • Lisa raised the issue of the Website. We need a Webmaster. Until then Cindy is asking Pat Dwyer and Sara Morgan to update names.
  • We approved the Finance Committee’s proposal that we close the Board Reserve ($629.00) and put it into the building reserve.
  • We discussed the need to cover registration fees for Denominational Affairs members to attend General Assembly and decided to consider paying that despite no line item if application is made.
  • We approved the Finance Committee’s proposal to move $1739.00 from Special Capital Reserve to Building Reserve. (Closed this reserve; held since 2009.)
  • We will ask the Building Committee to record, by photo and/or video, the assets in the building for insurance purposes.
  • We approved the sum of up to $400 to buy wine and cheese for Fellowship history meetings, to come from Minister’s reserve fund.
  • We discussed the need for a new newsletter editor; Sara Morgan is working on finding a replacement. • We discussed the dishwasher and are looking forward to a precise recommendation from the Building Committee.
  • The Corresponding Secretary, Marina, will send thank you notes to Cal Sloan, Rob Fawcett, George Goslee, Iain Cunningham for their work on the kitchen remodel.
  • The next Board of Trustees meeting will be September 26th.