Summary Board Minutes: September 29, 2020

Summary Minutes of the UUFRC Board Meeting,  Sept 29th, 2020

Board meetings are public; every member is invited to attend.

Attending: Steve Hill, Chris Stovall, David Stoutamire, Polly Ragusa, Tovis Page, Graham Abra, Rob Davis, and Rev. Brian Ferguson

Finance report: Graham reviewed the latest Finance Committee report with the board.  The key points that the Finance committee pointed out to the board included:

  • Keep a close eye on the burn rate of the PPP loan, to ensure that we spend it on the proper things by the proper time (scheduled to be spent by December so we can apply for forgiveness in January/February).
  • Support the finance committee’s efforts to provide transparent access to the church’s finances to the congregation.  The finance committee will be publishing a quarterly report to the congregation members.
  • Pledge income – was below estimates in August, but above in September.  The board should monitor this closely. 
  • Next year’s church finances may be difficult due to the PPP loan being finished and increase costs and reduced rental income

Pledge Drive:  A discussion occurred around changing our normal pledge drive process to use a ‘stewardship’ model whereby an emphasis is placed on integrating the pledge drive with community and personal connections development.   Brian mentioned that his ministry in Texas shifted to using a stewardship pledge process with significant success.  Rev. Brian Ferguson and Rob Davis will work with some congregation volunteers to brainstorm on how to implement a stewardship pledge model.

Monte Toyon Retreat refund: Chris Stovall reported that Monte Toyon would not return our deposit (or any percentage of it) since the church canceled the retreat.  The board felt this was ok so as to maintain our good relationship with Monte Toyon.

COVID-19 Task Force: Polly Ragusa reviewed with the board the COVID-19 task force’s recommended COVID-19 policy for UUFRC. Some minor clarifications of the text were discussed. Polly will update the draft policy document, share it with OGNS for Teacher Kristi’s approval, share it with the Board for final edits, and then send it out to the Board for an email vote to approve the policy. 

Program Council minutes/review: Tovis reviewed the latest program council meeting activities for the board.  The Program Council is working on a second leadership training video and putting together a simple fact sheet for the congregation about the Program Council and its responsibilities vs the Board of Trustees. 

DRE Employment agreement:  The board reviewed and approved the DRE Interim Director description and employment documents.  It was agreed that the name of the position (and documents describing it) should be renamed to ‘Interim Director of Youth and Family Programming.  

Board visibility with the congregation: The board is going to investigate ways to be more visible to the congregation, such as rotating the weekly announcements on Zoom among the board members and perhaps doing a town hall zoom and/or breakout session with the board members and the congregation.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday October 27th starting at again (earlier) at: 6:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Rob Davis, Recording Secretary