Summary Board Minutes, October 27, 2020

Board meetings are public; every member is invited to attend.

Attending: Steve Hill, Chris Stovall, David Stoutamire, Polly Ragusa, Tovis Page, Graham Abra, Rob Davis, and Rev. Brian Ferguson

Finance report: Graham reviewed the latest Finance Committee report with the board.  The key points that the Finance committee pointed out to the board included:

  • Pledge income has bounced back, and is in fact above historical trends, thus covering last month’s shortfall. 
  • PPP loan is on target to be fully spent by the end of October.
  • No significant changes

Steve moves to accept the financial report and recommendation.  Rob seconds.  Passed unanimously.

Shredding of old financial documents: Several boxes of old financial documents for the church were found in the church attic dating from 2009 to the present.  Since the church is only obligated by law to keep financial documents for 7 years a request was made to have the documents from 2009 to 2012 shredded.  Motion to allow shredding so moved by Tovis and seconded by Polly.  Passed unanimously.

Program Council minutes/review: Tovis reviewed the latest program council meeting activities for the board.  Highlights include work on clarifying the roles of the Program Council vs the Board of Trustees, putting together a list of “seldom asked questions” about the Program council to be published in the UUFRC bulletin and working on other ways for the Program Council to be visible to the congregation.  It was pointed out that a significant portion of the Program Council’s responsibilities involve the coordination and planning of many church functions that are simply not occurring this year due to COVID-19. 

Tovis is going to arrange a meeting of some of the Program Council members with some members of the Board of Trustees to review and define the roles of the different groups.

Youth and Family Programming Report:  The youth and family council report was reviewed and discussed by the Board.  The recommendation from the YAF committee to collaborate with UU of San Mateo to offer joint religious Education sessions was oked by the board.  YAF council should consult with the Program council to ensure the proper communication and scheduling of the RE offerings.   

COVID-19 Task Force: Polly reviewed the latest news from the COVID-19 task force.  Some concerns have been raised around Open Gate not following their own COVID-19 policies during children pick-up and drop off times, with issue being that parents are exiting through the Brewster door.  David Stoutamire will contact Open Gate to review and discuss corrections and clarifications to their behavior to meet the COVID-19 policies. Polly has been in contact with Teacher Kristi regarding their revised hours of operation, and she will also check with Kristi to ensure parents and teachers are not using Brewster door as an exit point. Their policy states that they will exit through the play yard or social hall onto Lowell street. In addition to the update on COVID-19, Polly shared the current situation with the renewal of UUFRC’s insurance policy. This is being reviewed and updated by the Finance Committee and Personnel Committee. A final policy will need to be approved by the Board. 

Security Committee: There have been a number of incidents over the past year regarding unknown people gaining access to the building or play yard.  The Board recommends  forming a security committee responsible for plans on how to secure the building as well as policies for dealing with emergencies and/or security issues.  The program council was suggested as the place to start to create a new Security Committee.  Steve Hill, who served on a Security Team in the past, sent to the board the current safety policy document for review.  Tovis will bring this to the Program Council. 

Board off-site: The board was open to attending a development workshop together (virtually) as a substitute for a team building off-site meeting.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday October 27th starting at our new official time: 6:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Rob Davis, Recording Secretary