Summary Board Minutes: March 31, 2020

This meeting was conducted on Zoom via the Internet as the building was closed for the COVID-19 “Shelter in Place” order and the previous decision of the Board.

Attending:  Rev. Gretchen Woods, Steve Hill, David Vallerga, David Stoutamire, Stephen Webster, Suzanne Griffin, Chris Stovall and Beth Harrison.  Also attending were Anna and Brett Dyer, Cal Sloan, Judith Watkins, Derby Davidson and Bob Holden.   

Consent Agenda:  The Minister’s Report, Admin. Report, Connections Report, Search Committee Report, DRE Report, Personnel Committee Report and the Minutes of the Previous Meeting were accepted.  Moved by Suzanne, seconded by Beth.    Unanimous.

Nominating Committee:  Steve has seven names and as soon as he has confirmations he will present the proposed Committee for an email vote.

Search Committee:  Did not connect with a candidate; there is a Round 2.  This will start immediately.  Rev. Gretchen shared the story of her last Interim Ministry where the Search Committee also did not connect with their first choices but in Round 2 found a minister who is an even better fit and how the Congregation is thriving.

Virtual Services:  There are safety concerns about how we are currently doing the Services.  The Communications Committee will advise Rev. Gretchen; the Service will be her choice.

Pledge Report:  Bob sent out a report and we remain short at 84% of our goal.  We discussed methods of getting closer to the goal but took no specific action right now.  We enthusiastically thanked Bob for his hard work on this.

Finance Committee:  Brett is hoping that the Board will help members complete their pledges for this year.  We will draft a message to be read from the pulpit this coming Sunday and circulated in other ways.  After we see what happens the Board will consider other steps to take.

We also talked about the Staff; the UUA suggests that we keep paying staff.   Suzanne moved and Beth seconded to keep paying staff at contract rates until the end of the fiscal year.  Unanimous.  Gretchen will continue submit payroll.

Judith Watkins and George Chitouras have created an investment policy that sets up timing to be consistent with projected need.  The policy itself is unchanged, but procedures are:  There will be four types of accounts; consolidated and simplified.  The Board expressed appreciation for the efforts of the Finance Committee and urged them to go forward with it.

Program Council Charter:  Chris reviewed it with us.  She will add that the Chair cannot be the Board Member who is a member of the Council.  David V. moved that the Bylaws be amended to make the Program Council permanent and it was seconded.  Unanimous   We can vote on the Charter at the next meeting.

Building Closed:  The Board decided that the Building will be closed until May 3rd.   Steve will draft the announcement, circulate it to the Board and the Congregation when approved.  We will change the website to reflect the new date. We will also delay the Work Day currently set for April 11th.

Respectfully submitted,

David Vallerga, Recording Secretary