Summary Board Minutes: January 28, 2020

Summary Minutes of the UUFRC Board Meeting, January 28, 2020

Attending:  Rev. Gretchen Woods, Chris Stovall, David Vallerga, David Stoutamire, Stephen Webster and Beth Harrison.  Steve Hill and Suzanne Griffin attended by telephone.  Also attending were Brett Dyer, Marina Rose, Julia Mogilev, Jennifer Bahr-Davidson, Derby Davidson, Bob Holden and Alex Stagner.

Consent Agenda:  The Minister’s Report, Admin. Report, Connections Report, Search Committee Report, and the Minutes of the Previous Meeting were accepted.  We also affirmed the email vote we took approving changing the Entry doors in concept but learned that the vendor will not be able to do the work.

Leadership Six Month Experience Report:  Marina Rose reported that the Region is running the program but that the District gave support.  Julia Mogilev and Marina are in the training and Alex Stagner and Amy French are members of the Team.

Program Council: Chris reported that they have done their initial work and the next step is to work with Jen Gill and the Connections Committee to take over the “finding volunteers” task.  They are updating their Charter.

Finance Committee Report:  The situation improved from November in that many pledges came in by the end of the year.  Approved expenditure of $200 to tune the Piano.

Budget: Brett Dyer went over the Budget Draft that has been updated.  They moved the $5000 item for an outside financial review into the next year.   We are anticipating a shortfall and are looking for ways to raise revenue.

Pledge Drive Report:   Alex Stagner has agreed to be the Pledge Co-Chair.  Moving to new Settled Ministry should be worth the stretch.  We need two co-chairs for next year. 

The next Board meeting will be 2/25/2020

Respectfully submitted,

David Vallerga

Recording Secretary