Summary Board Minutes: December 17, 2019

Consent Agenda:  The Minister’s report,  Admin. Report, Search Committee Report,  and the Minutes of the Previous Meeting were accepted. We also affirmed the email vote we took approving changing the ISP.

Pledge Drive Report:   Bob Holden came to review the plan he has for the Pledge Drive.      The Board will work with Bob to put together a Pledge Team, logistical help and a Co-chair.

Personnel Committee Report:  There was considerable discussion between the Board and Anna and Brett Dyer, representing the Finance Committee about the number of hours to budget to meet the needs of the Fellowship for next year.  We accepted the Personnel Committee report as presented. 

Rental to AIW:  Steve Hill and Jan Johnson have been working on this and anticipate a resolution soon.

Finance Committee Report:  We had a substantial and open dialog about the first draft Budget and the correlation between financial need and the Pledge Drive.  We accepted the draft and report with gratitude for the effort made by the Finance Committee.

Program Council: Chris Stovall reported that they are struggling with “volunteer” items being turned over to the Program Council.