Summary Board Minutes: August 28, 2019

Consent Agenda:  Received Administrator’s and Minister’s Report.  Approved minutes and briefly discussed “No Trespassing” sign.

Finance Committee:  Received report and discussed implementation of Realm, the program we are using for the Directory and can use for other functions.

Personnel Committee Update:    Rev. Gretchen will send an announcement that Jen Gill will be our new Welcoming Coordinator.

Facility Coordinator:  We are seeking volunteers, but not hiring at this time.  We may revisit this if needed.

Program Council Update:  Chris Stovall reported that it will meet the Second Wednesday of each month.  Currently working on reframing the “shortage of volunteers” into “we have the resources to achieve what we want to do” and changing “volunteering” to “belonging.”  They also will be working on our greatest perceived need:  Improved communications.

Communications:  Chris reported that the primary problem was a lack of process.  Who maintains systems? What do we need and why?  Does each element serve us enough to justify the effort?  She will invite people to a startup meeting.

Search Committee Update:  Erika Pretell submitted a report.  They are well ahead of schedule.  This is because we selected the team in March rather than waiting for the Annual Meeting and the committee is taking advantage of the extra time.

AED/CPR:  David Vallerga will schedule a training by the Redwood City Fire Department in January.

Interfaith Committee / Peninsula Multifaith Coalition:  We decided that the continued operation of these groups is a Program Council decision.

Newsletter Editor:  This position is now vacant.  Chris will present the issue to the Program Council.  Jessica Stoutamire has agreed to help with the transition to a new editor.

Next Board meeting will be on September 24, 2019