Summary Board Minutes: April 28, 2020

Summary Minutes of the UUFRC Board Meeting, April 28, 2020

This meeting was conducted on Zoom as the building was closed for the COVID-19 “Shelter in Place” order and the previous decision of the Board.

Attending:  Rev. Gretchen Woods, Steve Hill, David Vallerga, David Stoutamire, Stephen Webster, Suzanne Griffin, Chris Stovall and Beth Harrison.  Also attending were Anna and Brett Dyer, Derby Davidson and Tovis Page.   

Board Zoom Meeting of April 20, 2020:  We reviewed the proposed budget with Brett Dyer.  We also decided to extend the closure of the building until July 1, 2020; keeping in mind that this could move either to an earlier partial opening or later.  Steve wrote a letter to the congregation about the results of this meeting that will serve to memorialize the meeting.

Consent Agenda:  The Minister’s Report, Admin. Report, Connections Report, Search Committee Report, DRE Report, Personnel Committee Report and the Minutes of the Previous Meeting were accepted. 

Finance:  Discussed the job done by Brett, including clarifying comments.  The Finance Committee has prepared a proposed budget and proposed disaster adjustments, if needed.  

PPP application:  Tom Hagler has information; Steve will check with him as to whether this is practical and there is an adequate chance of success.  If so we will go ahead with the application, subject to a Board email vote.

Budget:  David S. moved; Chris seconded the approval of the submission of the Budget as outlined by Brett at our special meeting.  Unanimous

Bylaws Changes:  David S. reviewed the proposed Bylaws changes.  They include formatting changes.  He will make some adjustments and submit the draft to the Board for an email vote so that we can submit it to the congregation for review at the Town Hall Meeting on May 17th.

Program Council Charter:  Chris explained changes in the proposed Charter.  David S. pointed out some potential issues with the Bylaws change.  Chris moved that we accept the Charter, Suzanne seconded; unanimous

Nominating Committee:  The Committee proposed a slate for the upcoming Board election at the Annual Meeting.

Pledge Committee Report:  We accepted, gratefully.  Some Board members have questions and will submit them to Steve who will pass them on to Bob Holden and Alex Stagner.  We will celebrate the success at the Service this Sunday.

Reopening Building:  Gretchen has set out a staged reopening model.  Steve will circulate and we can discuss by email.  Start date yet to be determined.

Job Descriptions for Staff:   Looking for consistency and priority; the “have to haves” and the “like to haves.”  Chris asked if personnel wants to have anything in particular reviewed.   At the next meeting we will discuss the Administrator and the Associate Administrator positions.  

Respectfully submitted,

David Vallerga, Recording Secretary