Spring is Springing

This is one of my favorite times of year. Mother Nature brings the rains to do her spring cleaning. Everything outside is freshened and brightened. The tree are beginning to blossom and the flowers will soon follow, sweetly perfuming the air. The greens that still sleep will unfurl into an amazing variety of shades.  It’s hard not to be happy when the skies are so blue and the breezes so caressing.

UUFRC is buzzing and brimming with classes, events, new families, andwork to do as we continue on in Interim Ministry. Please plan to join us on February 3rd from 12 – 1:30 pm to hear the presentation given by our Pacific Western Region’s Transitions Coach, Nancy Edmunson. Nancy will be talking to us about the whole ministerial search process, including how our Search Committee will be selected. This is information we all need to hear and understand.

For those of you new to our Fellowship, please consider attending our “Getting to Know UUFRC” class being held on February 10thfrom 12 – 2:30. It can be a bit daunting to come into a new place and try to figure out what is offered, how to access information and get involved, and how to get things done. This class provides information to help you understand us better, including how and where you can get involved, a bit of UUFRC history, our governance, and what it means to be a member. We’ll have lunch and plenty of time for questions and answers. Please do RSVP to me (connecting@uufrc.org) by Feb 8thso I’m sure I can feed you! 

As we continue to welcome new people into our beloved community, I would ask that all of you extend a hand to meet people you don’t yet know.  Have you noticed the different colors of our name tags? The blue tags indicate brand new visitors. The lavender tags are visitors who have returned at least five times. These are people who would especially benefit from your reaching out. They’ve come to us looking for different things, but perhaps most of all, for community.  A smile and a “Glad you’re here” is the first step in creating that.

Wishing you many spring blessings,

Cindy Johnson