Speaker: Tovis Page

Fire Communion

00:00 TIME FOR ALL AGES: Tovis Page
03:35 REFLECTION: “Letting Go” Hanju Kim
08:19 REFLECTION: “Helping Grow” Tovis Page
13:38 RITUAL: Tovis Page & Hanju Kim
16:31 PRAYER: Tovis Page

Order of Service

On or around January 1st, many Unitarian Universalist congregations hold a fire ritual to … read more.

Sitting in the Fire: Lessons for Peacemakers

Tovis’ sermon “Sitting in the Fire”

Fateen Jackson’s testimony

What role can the idea of peace play in the violence of our times?  We often imagine peace as some ideal end state—a future condition devoid of negativity, conflict or violence of any kind.  How does imagining peace in this … read more.

Labors of Love: What Wants to Be Born Through Us?

Independence Day, commonly celebrated as our nation’s birthday, gives us the opportunity to reflect not only birth, but also on becoming. Join us as UUFRC member and minister-in-formation Tovis Page reflects on our individual and collective journeys of birth and becoming. Special Music … read more.