Rev. Gretchen Woods

Flower Communion

The Flower Communion is an annual, multigenerational Unitarian Universalist ritual observed in the spring. Founded by the Rev. Norbert Capek who brought Unitarianism to Czechoslovakia before WW II, celebrates beauty, spring, and being in community. Please bring a flower from your garden, and join in community for … read more.

Teacher Appreciation

What do teachers mean to you? Which teachers changed your life? How did they do that? We rarely pay attention to the value of our teachers. Let’s take a few minutes this Sunday to explore and connect with the meaning of teachers. Share the Plate … read more.

We Remember Them

Join us for an interesting sermon on Memorial Day and to acknowledge those who have made a difference in our lives. Worship Associate: Joanne McMahon

Music, poetry, silence, and generosity are woven together during the worship hour, giving expression to the vibrancy of this … read more.