Speaker: Rev. Gretchen Woods

Untangling Trauma

An opportunity to envision moving toward health and wholeness and holiness despite the challenges of our lives. Worship Associate: Liz Davis

Coming Out

To Whom? Why? How? There are so many things about ourselves that we want to share, yet find difficult to voice. Worship Associate: Sarah Skovlund

Radical Hospitality

How Do We Want to Care for One Another and Newcomers? Let’s put some deep consideration into these questions. Worship Associate: Kathy Warne.


Why do we struggle with its impact? Maybe there is more to learn about how we as human beings make sense of the most important events in our lives. Worship Associate: Sarah Skovlund

Flower Communion

Sharing the bounty of the earth as representative of all of us and the lovely colors of our community. Worship Associate: Melanie Flint, Worship Coordinators: Jen Gill & Jorie Schulz

Earth Day

Join us as we celebrate our blue-green planet, the only home we’ve ever known. Worship Associate: Kate Hand